Our Tellers

Below you will find an alphabetical list of our performing tellers complete with what area of the country they call home, contact information, and just a little bit about their telling style. Please feel free to contact us; we’re looking forward to speaking with you!


Jennifer Alldredge 

Knoxville, TN 



From Native American stories, faity tales, scary stories, or stories just for fun, Jennifer enjoys telling them all to suit any audience. Actor, writer, and environmentalist, she’s been storytelling for years!

Lew Bolton 

Gatlinburg, TN 

Facebook: Jack Tales Storytelling Theatre

website: Smokymountainjacktales.com

Lew, Jack Tales, Smoky Mountains: They are all linked.  Lew tells tales about Jack, who climbed the bean tree, and he spins the stories set in the Smokies.  Lew tells the classics and some new re-interpretations of Jack—some trickster, some good fortune, but always fun.


Chip Bailey 

Norris, TN 

Home phone 865-474-0316

email: chipbailey1949@gmail.com

Chip uses his talents as a traditional fiddler to enhance his stories, which provide links between Celtic tunes and Appalachian old-time music. Adult audiences enjoy the historical aspect of his performances and are often moved by the lilting sound of his fiddle.

Janice Brooks-Headrick 

Smoky Mountains, TN 

email: cuznjan@juno.com


Home phone: 865-429-1783

Mobile phone 865-274-6014

Jan (storyteller, performance artist, instigator) has created opportunities to perform, produced festivals and events since 1983 from NY to NC. Ghost tales, heartfelt tales, traditional & historic myths.

Jean 0610 01 8x10.jpg

Jean Davidson 

Maryville, TN 

Mobile phone 502-664-5210

email: rev2jean@gmail.com

Jean began telling stories with youth and children and in sermons and the storytelling hasn't stopped! Jean immerses the hearer in the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and feelings of the story whether it be a personal, historical, Biblical, or a retold tale.


Jim Eastin 

Pigeon Forge, TN 


email: EastinServices@gmail.com

website: www.JimEastin.net/storyteller

Photographer, educator, storyteller: no matter what the title, Jim brings passion, enthusiasm, and genuine joy to whatever he does.


Susan Fulbright 

Kodak, TN 

email: stephenfulbright@bellsouth.net

Whether it’s traditional tales from around the world, history stories, or her personal narratives, Susan consistently delights audiences both young and old.

StephenF 07 8x10.jpg

Stephen Fulbright Kodak, TN 

email: stephenfulbright@bellsouth.net

Stephen draws from a wide array of personal experiences from both Texas and East Tennessee. Whether personal narratives or traditional tales, Stephen is sure to captivate listeners with his easygoing, down home style.


Fred Goddard 

Seymour, TN 

email: fred.goddard.nc@gmail.com

Raised in New Jersey, son of an Illinois farmer with ancestry rooted in East Tennessee, Fred blends all three in his tales that brings smiles, giggles, memories and lessons of softer times. A family friendly storyteller.

Sheri 0610 01 8x10.jpg

Sheri Lisles 

Maryville, TN 

email: spinningmaid@gmail.com

website: Apronfullofstories.com

Home phone: 865-981-2871

Mobile phone 865-680-8453

Her interest in Native American legends and Appalachian folk tales have shaped the stories she likes to tell. She’s even written a few of her own!


Kathleen Mavournin 

Maryville, TN 

email: katmav212@gmail.com

Kathleen recounts traditional stories from all around the world with fascinating skill. She piques the interest of folks of all ages and backgrounds.


Ruthie McIntyre 

Farragut, TN 

email: helenwoolford@icloud.com

Ruthies stories come from her life and extensive travels around the globe, plus her career as an educator.


C. Roland Mote

Maryville, TN 

email: crmote@charter.net

phone: 865-803-8753

A retired professor of agricultural engineering, Roland is devoting more time to his love of storytelling. His stories draw upon the peculiarities and earthy humor gleaned from his family’s oral history, 70 plus years of personal experience with life in the country, and “just something heard somewhere." While suitable for all ages, adults are more likely to enjoy his stories.


Nancy Russell 

Glendale, AZ and Knoxville, TN 

email: nancy.russell@usa.net

A descendant of Civil War soldiers, strong women, moonshiners, and a creator of traditional-style original tales with animals, Native-American themes, Nancy can spin a yarn or tell a tale.


Millie Sieber

Maryville, TN 

email: millietales@yahoo.com 

Adults, as well as children, are fascinated by Millie’s storytelling. Hundreds of listeners of all ages, from Catoosa County, Georgia to Rochester, New York and in Denmark and Sweden have responded to her tales with laughter, insights, and sometimes . . . , shivers. She agrees with her audiences, “Storytelling is too much fun to limit it to children.